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IAT Test

General Reflection:

Unconscious bias is a really dangerous thing. I’m very keen on making sure I never offend anyone, so I’m extra careful of the things I say and do so no one can hold anything against me. I’ve just been taught about unconscious bias which makes me wonder if I’ve ever inflicted bias unconsciously upon anyone I know or don’t know. I’d like to think that I’m a relatively fair person and recognize bias when I see it so that’s what the test are for. 

Test 1: Sexuality IAT:

  • Before taking the test:

I was skimming through the test and I didn’t want to pick an obvious one, so I went with something I’m familiar with but don’t have any connection to. I’m aware of the many different sexuality types, all of which I know from the media but since I dint know any individual who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, I thought that this test would be fitting for me to take as I have prior knowledge about this topic but no first-hand experience. I don’t believe I have a bias towards either group. But if anything, I’d be more bias against the LGBTQ+ community, unintentionally, because whenever I’m faced with a difficult decision or opinion, I try to take that decision using Islam as my guide and since Islam is against the support of same-sex relationships, I am as well. 

  • After taking the test:

“Your responses suggest no automatic preference between Straight people and Gay people”. This is the result that I received. I think this is fairly accurate. I try to not lean towards one group because at the end of the day, it is not me who judges them for what they do in this world. My job as a human being with compassion is to understand the gravity of being discriminated against and to learn to respect other disregarding their beliefs. I know that I do not support this community, but I respect them as individuals. With that mindset, I think that my results are accurate. 

Test 2: Age IAT:

  • Before taking the test:

I’ve been told that Egyptians have been found to discriminate when it comes to age. I’ve never noticed it before, but I personally don’t feel like there is or that it’s not as evident as gender discrimination or racial discrimination. I think this test will show that I prefer older people over younger people. I’m not sure why, it could possibly be because I’m the youngest person in my immediate family and one of the youngest in my extended family, so I’m always surrounded by older people. I also prefer the company of older people. 

  • After taking the test:

“Your responses suggest no automatic preference between Old people and Young people”. I guess I should be proud of myself or somewhat relieved, but I know myself and I know that I prefer older people over younger people. I don’t know how or why I got that result. Perhaps I’m not I biased person? 🙂


            Personally, I don’t think this test should be taken seriously. When I was solving the sexuality test, I messed many times because I hadn’t gotten used it with the added pressure of having to solve quickly not because I don’t subconsciously associate Straight with Good and Gay with Bad. For the second test, I know the results are not accurate because I know myself and I know what I am biased towards. A study was conducted that explained how there is no evidence that IAT tests are reliable or credible enough to be used as a bias scale to measure if someone is prejudice or not. However, some psychologists still debate about whether they trust this test or not, if it can be considered as a valid bias test. Those who argue against it claim that it still needs adjusting not that it cannot be entirely trusted. 



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